The Citizens have spoken loud and clear on this issue.  THEY DO NOT WANT BILLBOARDS along the North 101 freeway.  I listened and voted for the approval of the beautification corridor  along 101 between 51st avenue and Bell Road, which does not allow for billboards

The Temporary sales tax.

Sales tax is the major tax revenue source for the City of Glendale.  Our current tax rate is 2.9% consisting of the following: 

  • 1.0% Tax enacted by Glendale council for the general fund in about 1950
  • 0.2% increase in sales tax enacted in about 1994
  • 0.5% in total for Sales tax enacted by Citizen vote in two elections for Public Safety (1990's)
  • 0.5% enacted by citizen vote in 2001 for transportation
  • 0.7% Temporary Sales tax enacted by council and approved by voter 2012.


Glendale has one of  the highest sales tax rate in the West Valley.  This is one of the concerns my Sahuaro district neighbors have expressed as I have walked the district.  Some people have stated that they do not shop in Glendale because of the high sales tax rate.  

The temporary sales tax was enacted to get the city through the great recession and to pay for some badly negotiated contracts.   A promise was made to the tax payers that the sales tax was temporary.  We need to keep that promise over the next several years. by gradually reducing the .7% temporary sales tax.  I will ask council to consider reducing the sales tax rate each year during our budget workshops.

*** The Glendale city Sales tax does not affect school funding in any way.  Reducing sales tax in Glendale does not equate to a reduction of school funding.   ***

Light Rail Into Downtown Glendale (Note:The City Council voted not to bring light rail into downtown Glendale in December 2017)

I do not believe light rail is our all inclusive transportation answer for the future of Glendale.  Light Rail into downtown Glendale is promoted as the catalyst for major development downtown.   It may indeed help with down town development, but the question I ask, "is the $1 billion price tag" worth it.  (that's what the estimated cost including inflation will be by the time it is built).   Also,  the decision to build a light rail in Glendale appears to be more regionally driven than locally driven.   We need to consider what is the best transportation plan for Glendale.   Perhaps Light rail will be good for Glendale.  But we should take some time to consider all our options.  There seems to be a push to make a decision on light rail without considering any other options.   We must complete an analysis of our opportunity costs.   In other words, what could Glendale do to improve overall  transportation with several million dollars that would go to light rail.  We should carefully evaluate all our options before we get into another bad deal and ask the citizens to pay for it. 

Current issues in Glendale

There are several issues facing Sahuaro District residents at present.     Traffic congestion, rezoning areas that impact neighborhoods,  and chickens in neighborhoods among the them.  I am committed to represent the citizens of my district and I strive to understand the impacts my decisions have on daily life in the district.  My constituents can rest assured that I am listening.  

Property Tax.

It is my position to have a council policy that Keeps Property Tax Rates Flat .  

City Streets

Most Glendale residents recognize that our streets need major improvements.   I support increasing the street budget for street improvements over the next several years.   In the current fiscal year I asked during council sessions that the city allocate as much additional monies to street improvement as we possible can.   As residents we need to accept the fact that it will take some time, but to also have faith in the city to get the job done.  

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The Glendale City Council has no direct impact on Education funding. The city does not vote on education issues, nor does it provide any funding for public school districts.  This is the job of elected school boards.  However, the city is involved with citizen continued education, education opportunities through its libraries, parks and recreation and other departments and supports education events as they occur in the city.  Reductions or increases in Glendale city sales tax does not reduce or increase funding to education.  I support reducing class size and increasing teacher pay and reducing administration cost.

I support education as shown by my involvement:  I was elected twice to the seven member  West-Mec School board.  During this time I was elected three times as its chairman, and twice as vice-chairman.  Since I have been on the board I have voted to provide the Peoria Unified School district approximately $3 million a year for technical education programs and similar amounts to the Deer Valley School District.    I also serve on a local K-12 School board (currently K-11).   

School funding issues are not a consideration in a race for a city council seat.  

Police and Fire

I understand the importance of Police and Fire in the City of Glendale and that safety is one of the prime duties of City Government

I support the expansion of  using 2 man crews for certain non-fire emergencies such as a slip and fall.   I also support other improvements outlined in the City Gate report to improve our fire operations.   I also support the additional manning and equipment for the Police department as outline in City Gate   I promised to be open and fair, to listen thoroughly to all sides of an issue, and then with careful deliberation,  decide which course to take.

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Tohono O'odham Casino

During the debate, I opposed the casino.  Now that the debate is over, the Casino is currently open  and authorized to have  class III gambling.   Therefore my role with this issue,  will be to approve future contracts with the Tribe for services we provide,  promote economic growth around the Casino within Glendale, and to mitigate negative impacts of a casino on its neighbors.  As the area develops, the city should negotiate an equitable deal that will compensate Glendale for its costs and to generate addition revenues for the general fund.  


It is my hope that the Coyotes are successful and choose to stay in Glendale far into the future.   At the same time I also believe that once established, private business should not be subsidized by the tax payers.  There are times when government can provide incentives to attract business, but it should not be a long term commitment with negative impact on the tax payers.  This means we should not enter into contracts that take money out of the the pockets of the tax payers. There should be short term full returns on incentives provided.  

When the Coyotes first came to town the city received approximately $1 million per year plus a fixed amount for each ticket sold. It was a good deal for Glendale and fair to the hockey team.     When the Coyotes declared bankruptcy in 2009, the City was persuaded to pay $50 million to the team  to keep them here.  In 2013 a very poorly designed contract to pay out $225 million was approved. In 2015 it was discovered that provisions of the contract had been violated dealing with how the contract was originally negotiated.   As a result the council voted to cancel the contract.  It was subsequently renegotiated with significant savings to the tax payers.  This contract was for approximately two years.  At the end of the two year period a new contract was negotiated.   The Coyotes have made verbal commitments to stay in Glendale through the 2018-19 season.    

In the mean time the council has select AEG as the management group to run the arena. The city negotiated a deal with AEG that has proven they are successful in attracting venues to the arenas they manage and can provide some assurance that the arena will  be fully utilized, thus providing the city with revenues and opportunities for the entertainment district.  The overriding direction given to AEG was to keep the coyotes in Glendale.   After their First full year of operating the area, AEG has returned back to Glendale significant additional profits from the arena operations.  

Here are my comments on many of the pressing issues facing Glendale